Gallery of Navaratna Gemstones set in Rings and pendants

1) Ruby the Gemstone of Sun

A Fine Natural Untreated Ruby Representing the powers of Sun as per Indian Astrology set in 22 KDM Gold Ring.

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2) Natural Pearl the Gemstone of Moon

A fine natural, non nucleated and undrilled Natural Pearl representing the powers of Moon/Chandra as per Vedic Jyotish.

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3) Red Coral The Gemstone of Mars

A fine Natural, Organic and Non-Dyed Mediterranean Ox Blood Red Coral from the Japan sea representing the powers of Mars/ Mangal as per Indian Astrology.

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4) Emerald - The Gem of Mercury

A fine, 100% unenhanced emerald with 95% clarity levels for best of Mercury powers.

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5) Yellow Sapphire - The Gem of Jupiter

Gorgeous unheated Ceylon Sapphire a top quality Jyotish Gem representing the powers of Jupiter.

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6) White Sapphire -The Gem of Venus

Venus Jyotish energies with this unheated colorless white sapphire with no conflicting hue.

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7) Blue Sapphire/Neelam - The Gem of Saturn

Unheated Ceylon Blue Sapphire representing Sattvik Shani energies. Flawless Blue Sapphire for best results of Shani.

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8) Hessonite/Gomed - The Gem of Rahu

Untreated Ceylonese Hessonite set in Talismanic Pendant for Rahu energies.

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9) Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl - The Jyotish Gem of Ketu

A Gem as powerful as the Blue Sapphire the Catís Eye is the Gem of Ketu-South Node.

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